15 April 2004
I finally decided I'd let this page go long enough and buckled down to update it. As usual with any of my projects I can never be satisfied with just a few simple touches. The result is a complete redesign and rededication of Cougar Run.
The focus is now primarily on cougars, as the name implies, but also includes some of my other interests like old British and European motorcycles, Toyota FJ40 4wd vehicles and last but not least travels taken with and without my wife.
As I was deciding on the format and things to include I decided to also present a "rants" page and a list of my favorite links. Some of you may be surprised but I will be including positive topics on my rants page as well as the usual negative stuff.

If you haven't already discovered it, navigation is as simple as I could make it. No fancy Java Applets, or browser specific crap - just plain old JavaScript rollovers and URL links. I have used frames which seems to chap some folks off - tough, get over it. I use frames because they help simplify developing new pages to add to the existing topics. Some of the links will open new pages where appropriate - when you're done with that section simply close the browser window. The window you linked from should still be there.

When all else fails, your browser's "BACK" button should still work and last but not least you can always log off.

Legal Stuff
I don't think it possible to pass through life these days without stepping on somebody's toes so if you're a charter member of the PC (Politically Correct) Police you're in the wrong place - go hog someone else's bandwidth. I tend to call it as I see it and usually try to couch my beliefs in logic and thought but sometimes it just comes from the gut and if you can't take it tough!!
The pictures I've posted on this sight are a mix of stuff I've mined off the web, bought rights to or taken myself. I will not knowingly publish someone else's material without their permission or acknowledging their ownership. If you see something of yours posted here and feel it was done without permission please contact me so that I can either remove it or make sure that you receive the proper credit.